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PES2017 Signal Iduna Park converted from PES2018 by MjTs-140914

PES2017  Signal Iduna Park converted from PES2018 by MjTs-140914

Texture from PES2018
Model from PES2018
Scarecrow from PES2018
Ads from PES2018
Tunnel Texture & Model from PES2018

download with original link, respect my work.
if you want to share, please do not remove the original ads 

If you using multi-switcher,
Go to "content\demo\51\common\demo" and delete "fixdemoobj"
to work new Tunnel.

KONAMI, Suat Cadgas, Pribowo Subekti,Bagaskara Ladrang Pamungkas, Luis Adb, Jenkey,
Qomari Thariq, Ramdani Hasmi Ardiyansyah, Jayveerk,Tunizizou, Atvaark.
All Modders.

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