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PES2018 Chants Update V1 by predator002 (20/09/17)

PES2018 Chants Update V1 by predator002 (20/09/17)

This pack is kinda early in the life of PES2018 as we cannot currently make every team licensed yet but at least it will help all currently available licensed teams.

Usage Notes:
- Chants will play only if a team is licensed and has correct team ID.
- National anthems will play if team has anthems enabled. 
  (Dino editor is good way to check)
- Teams all have 4 slots. Where I couldn't find a chant (at the moment) the slot is             populated with generic chant.
- All audio files are in HCA format and set to a volume below the commentary.
- Sound quality can differ. As I haven't played with every team please give feedback if you hear a dodgy chant and I will replace.

- 954 teams each with 4 chant slots
- 146 teams with national anthems

Full Lists:
- Chant List, National Anthem List & Maps:

How to install:
- Extract Preds 2018 Chants.cpk to your PES2018 Download folder.
- Update the DpFileList.bin using DpFileList Generator by Baris.

CRIAtomCraft – Program used to rebuild all ACB/AWB files.
Albiore – Team IDs.
kana296 – 88 National Anthems added into this chant pack at his request
sxsxsx – CPK File Manager v1.7a assistance., & YouTube – Sources for chants

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