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PES 2018 DrDoooMuk Mods & stuff V3

PES 2018 DrDoooMuk Mods & stuff V3

Licensed Konami stadium ( I will remove the hideous Konami default LED filter at some point )
Cleaned up some stuff at a few other stadiums
Neu Sonne Arena - Colour corrected the Stadium boards, Add eon, Aldi & Siemens branding to the ground :

Here is a test .cpk for some video adboards such as the Evian one in the video above. This is a seperate .cpk file from the V3 mod, so you will need both installed if you want to use my main mod AND help me test performance with these, There are currently only 4 video ads, and they replace a single stock konami one. They are nowhere near complete, but should be good enough to test rendering and system performance if you want to try them and give me some feedback, cheers !

Experimental VideoAds :

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