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PES2017 Final Animated Adboards by sonofsam69

Final Animated Adboards by sonofsam69

Youtube Channel sonofsam69 : Click Here

Realistic animated ads for the following teams & leagues:
-AC Milan
-Atletico Madrid
-Boca Juniors
-Copa Del Rey
-Global ads
-La Liga Santander Generic
-Real Madrid
-Liga Argentina Generic
-River Plate
-Serie A Generic
-Super Copa Spain
-Villar Real
-Worldcup Russia
-and more

Credits for Animated Adboards

With big thanks to:
-GRKN Design
-Kenshin Himura
-Kent Sakai

Credits for Rotating Adboards
-Hicksville and Majuh
-David Bueno
-Sofyan Andri
sorry if I missed any names.
This mod works best with PTE Patch but can work with other patches as well (where Bundesliga team ID will vary)

Huge THANK YOU to:
-VirtuaRed Staff
-Evo-web site

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