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Sider 3.4.2 by juce and nesa24

Sider 3.4.2 by juce and nesa24

How it works:
You organize the files into folders, with root folder specified in sider.ini, in "cpk.root" option. Inside the root folder you will have "common", and so on - as the structure of the game dictates. You can have multiple root folders, or "roots". Think of these roots as basically unpacked CPK archives.

Why use this:
Technically, this particular version, does not give much advantage over the alternative of using download folder and DpFileList.bin. But, I imagine LiveCPK can be useful for artists, who can iterate much quicker on their work: you don't even need to exit the game to modify a file - you simply Alt-Tab to you editing program, make changes, then switch back to the game, and see updated artwork right away, once the game reloads that particular file. Also, you can still use download/DpFileList.bin for some patches and LiveCPK for some other - there is no conflict, except LiveCPK content has priority.

Lua scripting support:
Since version 3.3, Sider provides a scripting framework, which can be used together with LiveCPK feature to implement very complex and interesting behaviours. See detailed documentation for that in doc/scripting.txt. There are already Lua modules written by Evo-Web users (@zlac and @kilay), which extend PES to have unlimited balls, stadiums, live-content, and other cool things. Search the forums and try those!

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