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PES2017. SweetFX + Reshade By tHE gERS

PES2017.  SweetFX + Reshade By tHE gERS
Hello to all friends and fans of Pes 2017

Today I bring you an adaptation that I made of my sweetfx and reshade the specifications are as follows:

* More real color of the environment.
* More real color
* Almost real grass color tone
* Bloom activated for more realism
* Nearly real gamers skin tone Shadows darker
* Reflections of the sun
* Sweat in the players and when it rains the skin is wet, making the environment more real.
* Once you have downloaded the two files proceed to install ReShade_Setup_3.0.6, select the executable of your 2017 pes, select directx 9 and if you ask them to download some configurations they give you that if once done this we go to the next step.

* To install unzip the winrar file, 
   copy the sweetfx first and paste it into the directory of your pes 2017
* Now copy the contents of the folder reshade and paste the contents in the directory of your 2017 pes, if you ask them to replace they do.

PREVIEW (Stadium Elland Road) : 

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