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PES2017. Info Data Pack 3.0 & Patch 1.04.00 (9th Feb 2017)

 PES2017.  Data Pack 3.0 & Patch 1.04.00(9th Feb 2017)

・When kicking a High Pass using R2+○ (RT+B) as the goalkeeper the ball's drop point would
     sometimes not display.
・When the opponent takes a goal kick, sometimes your team's DMFs were positioned ahead of the
    opponent's FWs.
・The displayed information on opposition players and their formation, shown when Tight Marking
    is set in the Advanced Instructions of Game Plan, would not update even though the opponent had
・A black diagonal line was seen in the match window.
・When multiple users are playing in Cup mode or League mode, if certain conditions are met,
    sometimes playing normally was not possible.
・When playing a VS COM match in the Team Play Lobby, the setting for the COM team's
    commentary team name was not updated for only the match room owner.
<Become a Legend>
・When playing in extra time of the Internationals and scoring or assisting, the stats are counted in
     rankings but not Career Records.
<Master League>
・When you check the Game Plan of other players, when a goalkeeper of another player is absent
     due to injury, would not be able to exit the Game Plan.  
・A substitute player with a Team Role that is effective towards Team Spirit enters the match but
    Team Spirit  was not affected.
・The description of the Team Role [Maestro] was inaccurate.
・When a manager is transferred, the manager carried over their budget from their previously
     Coachead team
・The formation and tactics for some managers were incorrect after the Live Update was applied.
・The formation 4-1-4-1 was displayed incorrectly when compared to the Game Plan in the Squad
    Management window.
・When displaying a comparison window of squad players and reserves, followed by selecting
    [Back] to close the window, the cursor is located at the left top of reserves.
・The message displayed when participating in myClub competitions with a team consisting of less
    than 18 players was difficult to understand.
・The edited hairstyle of certain players appeared incorrectly after Data Pack 2.0 was applied.

* Minor adjustments have been made to a variety of modes to improve the general gaming experience.
source : KONAMI

The update will include visual enhancements for over 100 players, eight classic Borussia Dortmund kits, a bunch of new boot designs, additional pitch-side hoardings, and the new Adidas ball that will be used in the 2016/2017 Champions League final.
Previous Data Packs have featured updated squads, but publisher Konami did not specify if this latest download will include transfer updates from the recent January transfer window.
In other PES news, it has been announced that the Trial Edition–a feature-limited, free-to-play version of the football game–will now include Konami’s answer to FIFA Ultimate Team, myClub.
The last Data Pack added classic Liverpool kits and the legendary Anfield stadium, while another download enhanced the game for PS4 Pro.

Source : PESCLUB

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