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PES2017. ReShade Customized Config Update 1.0 by Herdin Septyan

PES2017.  ReShade Customized Config Update 1.0 by Herdin Septyan
Password = :'v

Note :
Recommended with Natural Strong ReShade by Arief Darmawan 
Copy and Replace filenya kedalem folder "ReShade"
Not Recommended for Low and Medium Settings

Thanks to :
> Donny Avia for NGPR Pro 
> Aziz Setiono for Scoreboard and Unreal Pitch
> Rahardian Fajar for Real Sky 
> Sameh Momen for Facepack
> Mo Ha for Facepack
> Awaluddin Aco for Facepack
> WENS Bootmaker for Bootspack
> cRoNoS for Ballpack 
> Various for Glovepack
> InMortal for Stadium
> Zenin Rohman/ZeroPes for StartScreen
> and Other

ReShade Credits :
> Crosire
> Ganossa
> Marty McFly
> Afif Abyana Putra 
> Natural Strong Base & Settings from Arief Darmawan
> Some PoorFX V2 Settings from FVar Ghazali 
> Some Customized Settings from HS17

Medium Change Log 1.0 :
No Bloom
Lumasharpen Off

Change Log 1.0 :
Kits Bloom Effect aktif hanya pada saat terkena cahaya
Kits Bloom Effect tidak aktif ketika dibawah bayangan

2 komentar:

  1. gan, ngpr pro bisa digabung dgn unreal pitch?

    1. bisa, tapi nga efektif,...coz salah satu aza yang terpasang....