PES2017. Revolution mod 5.0 by Alex

PES2017. ReShade Customized Config Update 1.0 by Herdin Septyan

PES2017.  ReShade Customized Config Update 1.0 by Herdin Septyan
Password = :'v

Note :
Recommended with Natural Strong ReShade by Arief Darmawan 
Copy and Replace filenya kedalem folder "ReShade"
Not Recommended for Low and Medium Settings

Thanks to :
> Donny Avia for NGPR Pro 
> Aziz Setiono for Scoreboard and Unreal Pitch
> Rahardian Fajar for Real Sky 
> Sameh Momen for Facepack
> Mo Ha for Facepack
> Awaluddin Aco for Facepack
> WENS Bootmaker for Bootspack
> cRoNoS for Ballpack 
> Various for Glovepack
> InMortal for Stadium
> Zenin Rohman/ZeroPes for StartScreen
> and Other

ReShade Credits :
> Crosire
> Ganossa
> Marty McFly
> Afif Abyana Putra 
> Natural Strong Base & Settings from Arief Darmawan
> Some PoorFX V2 Settings from FVar Ghazali 
> Some Customized Settings from HS17

Medium Change Log 1.0 :
No Bloom
Lumasharpen Off

Change Log 1.0 :
Kits Bloom Effect aktif hanya pada saat terkena cahaya
Kits Bloom Effect tidak aktif ketika dibawah bayangan


  1. gan, ngpr pro bisa digabung dgn unreal pitch?

    1. bisa, tapi nga efektif,...coz salah satu aza yang terpasang....


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