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PES2017. New Gameplay Mod 2017 by Nekiol

PES2017.  New Gameplay Mod 2017 by Nekiol

New Gameplay Mod 2017 
A new version of the patch from the gameplay maker. There are several options for gameplay, processed passes, ball physics for Pes 2017

1. Several variations of gameplay;
2. More games in center field;
3. To change the physics of the ball;
4. Redesigned combinatorial game commands;
5. Enhance the protection and pressure AI;
6. Reworked passes, sheds and blows;
7. More dribbling by AI;
8. The ball is less tied to the players;
9. Slightly changed the game Goalkeeper

Initially, the gameplay, created to reduce the rate of matches, and "drag and drop" AI game in center field, making it more viscous, such as in the French League 1 or the Italian Serie A. But then I decided that it would be good to do another gameplay, more tempo and fast as for example in the German Bundesliga. Well appetizer and I decided to add averaged variant of the two described above.In any case, you decide that all of this happened.

P.S .:All of this "outrage" was tested on the level of complexity of "ordinary player" because I consider it most appropriate for themselves.

special thank you DZHONX, for something that explained how to start editing and gameplay all patchmeykeram, those who alters and improves our favorite game for the better.
Setting:Copy that interests you dt18 version of the file in the data folder with the replacement.In any case, make a copy of the file to be replaced before installation.

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