PES2017. Final Gameplay By Parham.8

PES2017.  Final Gameplay By Parham.8
Legacy: Faster Gameplay
Version 4.6: Slower Gameplay
Legacy 2.2 Changes: CPU AI Tweaks (Better Than Version 2.0)
Version 4.6 Changes: Ball Spin (From Version 4.5)
Heavy Ball: Fast Deceleration
Legacy Ball: Slow Deceleration

Copy dt18_win and dt90_win inside Data folder.
Remember, you can only choose one gameplay (dt18_win).Click For Download Content

PES2017. Final Gameplay By Parham.8 PES2017.  Final Gameplay By Parham.8 Reviewed by Kimizan 09 on January 07, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. Copy paste dt18_win and dt90_win folder pes2017 /data/, jangan lupa backup....jika mau default tinggal copy back upan..

    2. Bingung milih game play. Yang kalo terobosan bolanya misang kaya Pes 2016 yg mana yah gan

  2. miminnya pake gameplay yang mana?